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Bounce Creative Designs - the award-winning branding company for the best eco promotional products, branded merchandise and sustainable gifts with low carbon footprint in the UK.


Bounce Creative Designs also known as Promobrand is one of the UK's leading suppliers of promotional merchandise branded with your company logo creating amazing merchandise and quality gifts. We offer a huge variety of promotional items that are eco-friendly and have ESG data to show carbon reduction on manufacturing. We offer beautiful printed products for any giveaway and every marketing campaign with our sustainable product choices.

With over 3,000 branded products available, our range of merchandise is carefully chosen with quality over quantity and trusted suppliers that align with sustainable production goals and ethical practice, enabling our customers to make easy conscious decisions from our range. 

Our new store is fully ecommerce with transparent data, live inventory, product colour choices, instant prices along with all branding capability at a finger tip and click away. No need to waste time and energy waiting for stock levels to be confirmed and emails with multiple questions answered only to find out a product is discontinued which is common in our industry.

Order branded merchandise from our store anytime in the day including weekends, from high end premium branded gifts & budget range cheap promotional items with good credentials and high quality.

Our expert team are always on hand to answer any question and assist if your looking to source and produce bespoke promotional merchandise.


Promotional products by Bounce Creative Designs Chevron down

Q: Why Promotional Products?


Promotional products are any items or products that you give out to help promote your business. Typically, these products are branded with a company logo and other key information like a website address or contact number.  Proven to be a successful marketing tactic, giving out promotional merchandise is a great way to leave a lasting impression on existing employees or potential clients.

Ranging from low- cost printed products such as branded pens and promotional keyrings to the more premium items such as branded power banks and printed speakers and laptop bags, there is something to fit any budget.

Creating brand awareness, increasing sales and making your employees feel appreciated are just a few (out of many!) positive impacts investing in promotional products can have.

Q: Who is Bounce Creative Designs?


Founded in 2012, Bounce Creative Designs has quickly become a trusted supplier of promotional merchandise to all companies, big and small. We also go by the name of promo-brand

Here at Bounce, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Unlike many other branded merchandise companies, you will have a dedicated person to help you through the whole process – from picking a product, getting a quote, being sent a visual and finally ordering, having one person that knows your order inside and out, means the whole process is as smooth and efficient as possible for you.

With thousands of branded products to choose from like printed tote bags, branded pens, promotional power banks, custom clothing and branded notebooks, we have something for every company. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of products to choose from? Get in touch and we would be more than happy to offer our expertise to find the right product for you.

Q: Are Promotional Merchandise Really Worth It?


Seeing first-hand the positive effect that branded products can have, we can confidently say yes, it is worth it! Investing in promo items can see an increase in brand recognition and help you stand out from competitors. Whether it is a bespoke keyring or a printed notebook, promotional products are a great advertising solution – and one that the recipient will appreciate.

Being able to offer a vast range of promotional gifts means that we can meet the specifications and needs of most companies. From your everyday printed mugs for the office to high end corporate gifts for your best customers, your brand will be there as a constant reminder of the great services you can provide. In a world where most products and services are going digital it is great to have something tangible. Choosing your promotional product is like choosing any gifts, a lot of thought will go into it and always well received.

Q: What Are The Most Popular Promotional Products?


Much like retail products, promotional products go through trends so it is hard to pin point the most popular products as it everchanging. You can find our current popular printed products on our homepage under our ‘POPULAR PRODUCTS’ section which we regularly update. We feel that our company website blurs the line between what is promo and retail. The merchandise we create are of high retail quality and specific brands.

You can be sure that what ever is the next or latest trend we will have options to keep you on trend and ahead of the game.

The below promotional products are always a hit and there is always a demand for them. There is also an option for every budget depending on what you are looking for.

Promotional Pens, Branded Notebooks, Power Banks, Printed Tote Bags, Headphones, Branded Water Bottles, Keyrings, and Printed T-Shirts.

Q: How Effective Are Promotional Products?


Promotional products are very effective! Studies have shown that people’s awareness of a brand has increased after they have received promotional products.

Sending out branded merchandise can increase visibility of your brand and means that people will be more likely to work with you again as the promotional products keep your company relevant and visible.

Investing in promotional products can have a really positive impact for your company without having to break the bank. With so many express options and shorter lead times you can also time your marketing for maximum effectiveness when the opportunity arises.