Mag Safe Magnetic Wireless Charger

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Promotional MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charger. 

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Printing your promotional merchandise should be simple, below are some corporate branding options so that you can choose the best branding method for your swag.

Screen printing is the process of pressing ink through a stencilled mesh screen to create a printed design.

Screen printing, also known as silk screening or silkscreen printing, or sometimes referred as textile printing.

T-shirt screen printing can create some of the best promotional products for your business at an affordable price.

Screen printing allows us to mix your exact brand pantone colours to print onto the promotional products. Also known as spot colours.

When you select screen printing as the option you will be asked for pantone colours of your brand so that the correct ink is mixed for printing.

Screen printing technology is well-known for its quality. The colours are vivid and rich, and the prints are very durable. For the best results, screen print simple designs that don't have too many details or colours.

Pad printing is a printing process that can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D objects. We like to think of it as a design that is stamped onto the product.

One of the main advantages of using pad printing is that you can use it to print on three dimensional surfaces and products of all shapes and sizes. It doesn't matter if your items are curved or have an uneven surface, using this printing method will still achieve a quality print.

The limitation would be that the design print will not be big or wrapped around a product.

Each promotional product printed with this method is done 1 by 1 so the production time is longer, if your printing 2 or 3 colours this will be 2 and 3 times longer as each colour is stamped 1 by 1.

Pad printing allows us to mix your exact brand pantone colours to print onto the promotional products. Also known as spot colours when filtering the products.

When you select pad printing as the option you will be asked for pantone colours of your brand so that the correct ink is mixed for printing.

You can use pad printing to print onto pretty much any material – metal, plastic, glass, even sweets. It's cheap and easy to operate, you get a crisp, quality finish on small, irregular and fragile products.

Transfer printing involves a number of processes in which designs are first usually printed onto paper, and then in latter and separate process transferred to a textile or product.

This is usually done with heat transfer paper, using heat pads or press to transfer the design to the product, the final finish is very crisp.

when your logo or image is transferred onto the promotional product it's then glazed and fired again. This then makes the image permanent on the product.

Transfer printing allows us to mix your exact brand pantone colours to print onto the promotional products. Also known as spot colours.

When you select transfer printing as the option you will be asked for pantone colours of your brand so that the correct ink is mixed for printing.

Transfer printing will have limits to how many colours we can mix to match your brand pantone colours. This process is more expensive than screen printing.

If the specific product needs to be done using this method, it may be best to opt for a digital transfer. This process will be full colour generated from a digital computer artwork and then transferred.

Digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto a variety of promotional products, materials and garments.

This is best for full colour printing, artwork or logos with multiple colours, shades and gradients.

Digital prints are great for quick turnaround rates and can provide a finished product whenever you need it. For fast solutions, digital printing can be quick for promotional products. There is no need to mix specific pantone colours to match as digital print is using CMYK to generate colours for quick printing.

When you select digital printing as the option you will not be asked for any pantone colours and CMYK will be pre-selected. Also labelled as full colour printing when filtering our products.

If you have a loud or brash colourful design this can only be done as a digital print, also known as a full colour print or 4 colour process CMYK.

The CMYK acronym stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black : those are the colours used in the printing process when branding anything full colour or digitally printed.

If you select branding options digital print, digital transfer, or full colour then CMYK will be the printing process.

Digital art is usually created in RGB for screen purposes, If you with to print the artwork then the digital art will need to be converted to CMYK mode. A good designer will save in both formats, one for screen and one for print.

Wrap and 360 means branded wrapping around a product such as a bottle or round object. There are many promotional products such as bottles, mugs, footballs where you may want your design to be 360 degrees print and full wrapped.

Typically, the options are either screen print or digital only.

If you select screen printing as a wrap print you may find that there is only and option for a 1 colour print only. This will be a 1 colour spot print or 1 pantone colour.

The alternative is a digital print in full colour, the options would be a digital 360 or digital wrap.

Digital printing has come a long way in recent years, with personalised 360 digital print now becoming a popular choice for businesses. With this type of printing, businesses can print on all sides of a product, making it more engaging and interactive for customers.

Laser engraving is a process of using lasers to engrave on to products that are made of things such as metal, glass, wood, bamboo and even cork.

The laser beam acts as a chisel creating permanent deep marks on products. It is through this process we can engrave your logo onto a large variety of our products. 

Engraving is a popular branding technique as the end result is subtle yet effective as well as being more hardwearing than most print techniques - meaning your logo will last a lot longer (if not forever!)

The size as to which we can engrave depends entirely on the product. Some promotional products have a smaller engraving area whereas others we can engrave around the whole item. 

The process of laser engraving normally takes 1 working day so it is also a great option if you are working towards a tight deadline and need an express option. 

When you select engraving as the option you will not be asked for any pantone colours as this will not be needed.

Debossing is the process where your logo is 'pressed' into a material, leaving a permanent indentation of your artwork. The process of debossing is best for thicker materials such as leather, suede, PU or rubber. 

This process leaves a subtle yet premium effect that is also hard wearing on such items as promotional notebooks, portfolios and laptop cases (dependent on material)

Although debossing is an effective branding technique, it is not necessarily the quickest. Once you have confirmed an order and sent over your artwork, we then have to order in a debossing block unique to your artwork. For this reason, you may not find debossing as a branding option on our express items. 

When you select embossing or debossing as the option you will not be asked for any pantone colours as this will not be needed.

At the checkout you will be promoted to upload artwork.

All artwork should be editable files

Examples: files such as Ai,eps,PDF

You can supply high quality png files or jpegs.

All order we received do not go straight to production.

Our in-house designers will check your artwork and send a proof for approval before production.

If you do send a jpeg we will just convert it for you to the correct format and send a proof.

If you do not know your pantone colours, please select I don’t know.

We will match the best colours and send you a proof for approval.

How many colours is my artwork?

If your design is blue and white (then this is 2 colours)

If your design is white (then this is 1 colour)

Basically, count every colour including whites and blacks.

If your artwork has multiple colours and overlapping colours and shades (then you should choose digital print if this is an option)

Printed MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charger. Snap on this magnetic wireless charger to the back of your iPhone 12 to charge your device. The magnets are perfectly aligned to always ensure the right charging position on your phone. The ABS material wireless charger is compatible with all QI devices (Iphone 8 and up and Android devices) so on other phones it can be used as a regular wireless charger. Including 100 cm TPE material micro USB cable. Item and accessories PVC free. Input DC 5V/1.5A; Output 5V/1.0A (5W) 11 pcs high quality N52H heat resistant magnets integrated.

  • Colours:
  • Commodity Code:
  • EANCode:
  • BRAND:
    XD Collection
  • Total CO2 Emissions:
  • Fits Letterbox:
  • Item Width (CM):
  • Item Height (CM):
  • Item Dimensions:
    0.6 x ø 5.8 cm
  • Item Weight Gross (Gr):
  • Value:


For all items on the website that you can add to basket and checkout immediately, production time is just 5-7 working days from artwork approval, Shipping 2-3 working days. Upon ordering you will receive an order confirmation and one of our sales team will email you a visual proof for final approval before it goes into production.

What might cause a delay in production? If the artwork is not in the correct format there could be delays in approving the proof, this can cause delays in starting production. Correct format is vectored EPS and high-resolution PDF. We usually require your brand Pantone colour/s for printing, if you don’t have these one of our team will match it to the closest available match, for your approval.

Delivery Cost: To one single mainland UK address will be calculated at the checkout stage

Order Value (Exc VAT) above £3000.00 will be Free Of Charge.

Why can I not order and check out if my address is not mainland UK and how much is delivery?

If you would like to order merchandise and deliver them outside of the UK you will need to request a quote. One of our sales team will contact you with shipping costs and process your order for you. This process also applies when you have multiple shipping addresses.


If you’re requesting a customised quote or enquiring about a bespoke item, the delivery time can be up to 3-4 weeks from artwork approval, depending on the item. These items will be clearly labelled as bespoke quote and will not be available for immediate checkout.

Simply let us know your deadline and we’ll let you know if we can meet it.

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We always recommend ordering a sample before placing a bulk order, to ensure you’re happy with the product and it fits your requirements. Product samples are non-returnable and non-refundable and are subject to small fee plus p&p as the sample will be your business expense to determine if you would be happy to make a bulk purchase or not. 

You can contact us for a branded pre-production sample if required – let us know what you need and we’ll send you a bespoke quote.

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