Our Values

Delivering the WOW factor

Our company values shape our culture, and ensure we remain trusted partners of our clients and suppliers.

  • Exceptional service: We value all of our clients and we are committed to the highest standards of service, whether you are a new client or have been working with us for years. We work hard to raise the bar and deliver exceptional service to every client, every day
  • Driving change: The promotional branded products sector is forever changing and evolving, and we aim to lead the change. We gain great pleasure when seeking out the new – not just the latest and coolest innovative products, but also new ways of working
  • Uniqueness: We are a design-led team with an eye for detail, aesthetics, and unique, innovative products. No two projects are the same, and every brief is as unique as the brands we work with. We always think outside the box and offer creative solutions
  • Trust: We ensure our actions match our words, and we deliver on every promise that we make. We are open and honest, and we always recommend products that are in our clients’ best interests
  • Healthy work culture: We ensure all our team members are happy in their job roles by treating everyone with respect, recognising potential, listening to ideas, appreciating efforts, and connecting on a personal level. We have respect for all of our team members and clients regardless of race, religion, or any other individual differences

A team of makers, thinkers and explorers

We are a bunch of makers, thinkers and explorers. We approach our work with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful promotional products that connect with people just like you – and your brand’s customers.

At Bounce Creative Designs we understand the importance of empowering our staff. We train all of our employees in every aspect of our organisation – from client support to accounting, right through to design and content. In addition to our extensive in-house training, all our Design staff complete an Adobe Illustrator short course at University of the Arts London.

This fantastic training programme gives our team the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop within the industry. We can’t wait to see what they will achieve in the years to come!

Creative Design Service

Bringing your ideas to life, impacting your bottom line

We are a creative-lead design team, and we combine this with business acumen and marketing expertise. We bring a business head to creative design challenges, and we know how to plan an effective promotional campaign.

Our Founder is from a Product Design background, and when he set up Bounce Creative Designs his vision was to do things completely differently. He put product quality, design, and customer service at the heart of the business from day one.

We have a unique approach to project management. Rather than having several hand-offs along the way from enquiry to delivery, we assign each client a Promotional Merchandise Consultant – a single point of contact for the life of a campaign.

Our Promotional Merchandise Consultants know the right questions to ask in order to understand your business and objectives. They are also experts in marketing, the latest product trends, the supply chain, and the manufacturing process.

But what really makes us stand apart is that our Promotional Merchandise Consultants also handle all design work. They are highly-trained designers, trained in Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and numerous other programs.

Why does in-house design make a difference?

  • We can offer design advice and suggestions
  • We create a high-quality 3D visual showing what your final product will look like after being customised with your chosen artwork – free of charge
  • We can guarantee the quality of the print – no room for error, and no nasty surprises on delivery
  • You don’t have to wait for your artwork
  • You can have as many revisions as you need
  • We bring creative, fresh thinking to each project