Bounce Creative Designs have always thought beyond profit to support the supply of meaningful, quality and eco-friendly products. It is difficult to be perfect as we have to support our clients with their requirements and work to certain budgets. We always strive to offer cost effective options whilst thinking about product life cycle and educate as much as possible.

The directors at Bounce Creative Designs have always thought about waste in modern society with fashion trends such as in today and out tomorrow, needing the latest products and general consumer behaviour.

Our product range here is chosen carefully from UK made products, Recycled, and Recyclable materials. Above all we feel that high quality products although more expensive are valued and kept. This reduces waste and good products are always kept and passed on.  

Moving toward an online ordering system also gives our customers the power to choose their products, get accurate pricing and order online from anywhere. Customers can process their orders 24/7 without the feeling of being sold to and at the leisure of modern working hours and from home. We are always available to help and educate on sustainable choice within our range.

We choose our suppliers carefully,

From XD Eco, to Eco+ and now the Impact collection, shows that improvement in our sustainable product collection is ongoing. We see transparency and traceability of materials as the biggest disruptive action.

With blockchain technology being used in the impact collection, we can finally get rid of greenwashing.

Our supply chain will continue to evolve and further define and substantiate our sustainable collection and work on adding only products to the collection which make a positive impact on our environment, with the focus on saving water. By 2025, all products made with polyester or cotton will be replaced by products made of traceable recycled material.
The power of blockchain technology is here to stay.